The Lord of Lightning

I have been spending the first part of 2017 fasting, praying, and seeking the Lord. One of the things the Lord has really impressed upon my heart is a desire to see the orphan spirit broken over people’s lives. Purpose, identity, and who we are in Christ is vital to living the life God has called us to live, and partnering with Christ to see God’s kingdom expand here on earth. In Judges chapter 1, there’s a story about an evil king who was captured by the children of Israel and they went to take over the Promised Land. His name was Adonai Bezek. He had captured 70 other kings and cut off their thumbs and their big toes, and forced them to sit under his table and eat the scraps that fell from his table. “Adonai” means ‘lord’ and “Bezek” means ‘lightning’– the lord of lightning. The Bible declares that satan himself was kicked out of heaven like lightning. Ever since, he’s been trying to get God’s people to sit under the table, convincing them they are unworthy of God’s love, acceptance, and blessing. Believing the enemy’s lies caused some of God’s people to have their thumbs and big toes removed. When you have no thumbs, you are unable to grip or grasp anything. You lose the ability to hold on to who you are in Christ or to the promises of God. When you lose your big toes, you lose your balance in life.

Many Christians have lost their balance and lost their way because they do not know their purpose on this earth. It’s all about identity. Our Identity is found in Christ Jesus. In II Samuel Ch. 9, you will notice the opposite story. David becomes king and he quickly makes a decision to promote Saul’s grandson, Mephibosheth, to a place of honor. He allows this crippled fugitive who feels worthless, to sit at his table as if he’s one of his own sons. Many Christians are sitting under the table barely getting, by eating scraps. But God through Jesus, has adopted us into his family and we are now heirs with Christ Jesus. We have an incredible desire to see over 400,000 kids in foster care get forever families. We want to see them saved, healed, and delivered, and the cycle broken over their lives. We want to see that orphan spirit broken. We also desire to see it broken over the lives of God’s people. May this year be a year that the orphan spirit is shattered and true identity in Christ is revealed to his people.

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