Can I have the Key to Your Heart?

On my daughter’s 12th birthday, after all the food and cake and presents, I stood up in front of the family and friends that were present, and told them I had something I wanted to say. I began to speak over her with the anointing and authority only a father can give. It was powerful, emotional, and the timing was perfect. She’s 12, stepping into teen years, still trying to figure out her identity. Our daughters desperately need three things: appropriate love and affection, affirmation as to who they are in Christ, and protection and safety. Here are the words I spoke over my oldest daughter, Selah, at her 12th birthday party. In the first three paragraphs I address those at the party who were witnesses to the event. The rest is me speaking directly to Selah.



I have a dream for all four of my daughters. Today I want to declare a word publicly over my oldest daughter Selah Christine Hogue. This dream is not mainstream. It is not what society says about young ladies. But we are not of this world. We serve a living God and His ways are not our ways. I declare this dream today over my daughter and I speak prophetically what I believe is God’s dream for her life.


My dream is Selah will know who she is in Christ and that she is valuable. Jesus died for us on the cross which instantly makes us valuable. You don’t die for something that’s not worth it.


May this value turn in to Godly confidence that enables you Selah to walk in faith and do whatever others say is impossible. May you never have insecurities or a little view of who you are in Christ.


My dream for you Selah is that you live every day of your life for the one who created you. That your very existence reflects a loving Savior who gave His life for you and that every day of your life, you walk in His direction. May you always do His will and seek Him in every situation, every day of your life.


I have a dream that one day you will meet the young man that we have been praying for you since you were a baby. And with God’s direction and wisdom we will know that this is the man God has prepared for you. It is my dream that you will be a virtuous young woman, and wait in every way, keeping yourself from giving in to the pressures of this world, until the day God unites you and this young man in the holy covenant of marriage.


A dream without a strategy can often be a fantasy. So I promise today that I will strategize to hold your heart. I will guard your heart. I will give you the loving affection that only a father can give to his daughter. I will affirm you as the young woman God has called you to be. I will protect you and keep you safe. I will continue to pray for you and fight for you spiritually. I am asking you today, “May I have the key to your heart?”


When asked, Selah agreed to give me her heart. I then pulled out of my pocket a beautiful silver necklace with a heart hanging from it. The words on the heart read, “He who holds the key, holds my heart. Accompanying the heart pendant is a silver key that fits perfectly in the heart.” I placed the heart necklace around her neck, and told her I will hold the key to her heart until I hand it to her future husband. It was a beautiful moment. There were many tears, but more than that, it was a declaration from a father to his daughter, publically expressing her value and worth. Every young lady needs to know that they are valuable, that they have purpose and they are loved. If their fathers and other father figures are not telling them this, they will look for that love and affirmation in other places.


I want those who read this blog, especially dads, to come to realize the anointing and authority God has given you to speak the truth over your children, especially your daughters. If life and death are in the power of the tongue, let’s use our mouths to speak the truth. These girls will be hearing millions of lies about them their entire lives. We have the power and authority through Christ to dispel those lies and to speak the truth. My daughter was adopted when she was a little over a year old. Ever since she came into our home I’ve been speaking over her life, even when she didn’t know what I was saying. And if I am speaking God’s will and God’s word over her life, His word does not come back empty. It will be fruitful. Never give up on praying for your children and declaring God’s truth over their lives.


Steve Hogue

Hogue Ministries

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