The First Orphan

Lucifer was an archangel of the highest order. The Bible refers to him being set with beautiful jewels and being the leader of music. He was in heaven, in the family of God with all the other angels. It was in this perfect heavenly place that sin was found in him and he desired to exalt himself above God. That’s when God removed him from heaven. As Jesus put it, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.” Satan was exiled and essentially became the first orphan. Then, when God decided to use the earth as a home for humanity, Satan was a witness of it all. In the garden, he watched with his own eyes as God the Father created Adam and Eve, calling them son and daughter. They were the first family on earth. Being an orphan and not a part of the family, Satan has desired from the beginning to separate human beings from their true identity as children of God. Since he is an orphan, he wants us to be orphans. Through deception, fear, manipulation, and lies, the enemy of our souls has been convincing millions upon millions of people that they are not good enough to be a part of the family of God. Many people live their lives every day never truly knowing their identity in Christ. I believe identity is the single most important issue in a Christian’s life. We must find out who God designed and ordained us to be, or we will never walk in true victory.

The birth certificate issued to us when we were born is an official document that identifies who we are. We use this document throughout our entire lifetime as proof of our identity. When we become a new creation in Christ, we receive a new spiritual birth certificate, a new name, God as our father, and a new inheritance, which is eternal life. It’s time for the body of Christ to quit believing the falsehoods of the father of lies. He has done a very good job convincing people that they are not valuable to God. Psalm 139 says that God’s thoughts about us are more numerous than the grains of sand on the sea shore. You are special and valuable to God. He loves you so much and has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life. One very important role of a father is affirmation. Fathers are meant to affirm their children and encourage them to walk out the purpose God has for them. According to the Bible, there are two spiritual fathers: the Father of lies and the Father of lights. The real question is, who’s your father?

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