Entries by Steve Hogue

The First Orphan

Lucifer was an archangel of the highest order. The Bible refers to him being set with beautiful jewels and being the leader of music. He was in heaven, in the family of God with all the other angels. It was in this perfect heavenly place that sin was found in him and he desired to […]

The Lord Needs It

THE LORD NEEDS IT As I celebrated and reflected this Resurrection Season I saw a seemingly unimportant passage in Luke 19. Here we see that Jesus is coming into Jerusalem and instructs his  disciples to go into a village and get a donkey. Luke 19:29-35(NIV) 29 As he approached Bethphage and Bethany at the hill called […]

Can I have the Key to Your Heart?

On my daughter’s 12th birthday, after all the food and cake and presents, I stood up in front of the family and friends that were present, and told them I had something I wanted to say. I began to speak over her with the anointing and authority only a father can give. It was powerful, […]

The Lord of Lightning

I have been spending the first part of 2017 fasting, praying, and seeking the Lord. One of the things the Lord has really impressed upon my heart is a desire to see the orphan spirit broken over people’s lives. Purpose, identity, and who we are in Christ is vital to living the life God has […]

The Power Of Your Yes

I will never forget the day we walked into a hospital in Orlando Florida excited about meeting a newborn baby boy that we could potentially adopt. We had no kids at the time. We dealt with infertility for many years and had recently open our hearts to adoption. We anxiously walked into the NICU and […]