Who: This training is being presented for pastors, ministry leaders and/or church volunteers who have a passion for foster care

What: It is a one-day training to implement the revolutionary CompaCARE Compassion Care System in your local church.

Why: Because the foster care system in the United States is in crisis and the ONLY solution on the horizon is the opportunity to mobilize the Church for action.  Government action, legal changes, or more federal and state funds cannot alter the crisis.  We need CHURCHES to commit to foster care and wrap around our army of foster parents to make sure they are successful.  This training will help the local church to do that!

When: Fiday Sept. 7:  8:30-5pm (Ministry Leaders only) Lunch is provided
Saturday Sept. 8 8:30-1pm (Ministry Leaders and Family Advocates) Snacks/drinks are provided.

Where: Riverbend Church 2080 W Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Cost: $25 for ministry leaders (incl. both Friday and Sat.) and $15 for family advocates (Sat. only)

Contact: Steve Hogue, COMPACT Rep for Florida, steve@hoguecrew.org or call him at (386) 547-3141

Ministry Leader description­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Friday Sept. 7  8:30-5pm (Ministry Leaders only)

The first Level 3 volunteer is the CompaCare Church Ministry Leader who attends a CompaCare Church Leaders Certificate Training and learns how to implement the 4-phase, 17-Step CompaCarea Plan. In larger churches, the Ministry Leader could be a lead pastor or a staff pastor who is responsible for family ministry at the church. In most other churches, the Church Ministry Leader will be a volunteer performing functions which would typically be done by an elder in the church.  In addition to their task of recruiting and training CompaCare Family Advocates and volunteers, they are responsible for the following:

  • Champion foster care ministry within the church to meet established goals by recruiting foster and respite parents
  • Build and maintain the CompaCare Ministry Model by identifying and developing resources to serve foster families
  • Coordinate communication between the CompaCare ministry and church leadership
  • Help match volunteers with foster families
  • Meet regularly with volunteers to plan and execute the CompaCARE Ministry Plan

Family Advocate description

Saturday Sept. 8  8:30-1pm (Ministry Leaders and Family Advocates)

The Family Advocate is a lay minister who is enveloped in the love of Jesus, and desires to express this love through compassionate, volunteer-based action towards foster families. The Family Advocate is deployed by the local church and has the opportunity to make James 1:27 a thriving reality in the Body of Christ, through contact with foster families, assessing their needs, and linking them to volunteers within the church. This individual has the ability to be a picture of Christ by loving with a genuine heart, serving with a patient attitude, and leading with a humble spirit. Specifically, the Family Advocate will be a mediator and liaison between the foster parents and the extensive amount of helpful resources in the church and community. This individual must have a high level of spiritual maturity, relational skills, listening skills, and can confront when necessary. The Family Advocate has a high calling which spreads the hope and love of Jesus Christ and brings honor and glory to our great God. The time commitment varies, but on average, a Family Advocate should be available to serve 3-5 hrs. per week. Two Family Advocates are needed for every five foster families. You can also recruit couples to be a team. Two couples for five foster families.

Full Training25.00 USDFriday Sept. 7 & Saturday Sept. 8
Saturday Ticket15.00 USDSaturday Sept. 8
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