Hogue Ministries Internship Program

Hogue Ministries is looking for a highly flexible, forward thinking missionary intern to serve as a part-time administrative assistant. The intern will be responsible for administrative operations, public relations and event management tasks, as well as meet the day to day needs of the ministry. The intern will learn key skills as a missionary but fundraising their monthly missionary budget. It’s a perfect entry level position for any college graduate looking to expand their knowledge of marketing, sales, management, all while growing and serving the Kingdom of God by following the commandment of a “Pure and undefiled religion….to care for the orphans…” James 1:27.

Ministry Assistant

Located: Ormond Beach, Florida
Length of Term: 9-12  Months
Hours: Approx. 20-25hrs/week

Daily Responsibilities

This internship will include, but is not limited to:

  • Contacting local pastors
  • Scheduling and managing speaking engagements
  • Creating monthly newsletters
  • Community relations/fundraising
  • Foster care-related event coordinating
  • Volunteering in the community through a non-profit
  • Personal fundraising


  • Competency with Microsoft Office Programs
  • Access to a personal vehicle
  • Access to a mobile work device (i.e., Laptop or Tablet)
  • Part-time employment

Recommended Skills

  • Experience with the foster care system
  • Marketing or sales background
  • A calling to church discipleship
  • A love for children
  • The ability to be flexible in high pressure situations

I’m Interested