Nearly Half-a-Million Kids

There are nearly half a million kids in the Foster Care System in the United States.

6x More Likely!

Girls in the Foster Care system are 6x more likely to get pregnant before the age of 21.

100,000+ Adoptable Kids

There are more than 100,000 adoptable kids right here in our foster care system.

3% College-Bound

Only 3% of all Kids who go through the Foster Care system will ever go to College.

51% Un-Employed

More than 50% of the kids who go through the foster care system end up unemployed.

Move 3x a Year

Kids in the system get very little consistency, in fact they move about 3x per year.

25,000 Age Out Every Year

About 25,000 kids age out of the system every year, at 18 they are no longer part of the system.

45% of Foster Care Kids

45% of all kids will be homeless within a year of aging out, and 45% will graduate High School.

74% of US Prisons

Approximately 74% of the national prison population was in the Foster Care system