DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Hogue Ministries, local non-profit benefiting foster families in the area, is
holding a night of entertainment and excitement for the community in celebration of nearly a decade of life-
changing success and the expansion of their movement.

The Hogue Ministries Vision Dinner will be held on May 22 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Legacy at Oak
Meadows venue in Pierson, Fla. Over 200 community members, business owners, city officials, church
leaders, and civic groups are expected to attend the semi-formal event. Attendees will be invited to indulge in
a plated dinner, performances and entertainment, guest speakers, and even a live auction.

“I’m excited to hear from people who have been blessed by the work of Hogue Ministries,” said planned
attendee Barbara Stewart. “I’m looking forward to seeing how our community can come together to help
foster children and vulnerable families.”

Leaders of Hogue Ministries, Stephen and Sandra Hogue, always wanted to start a family of their own. But
after struggling with infertility for 7 years, they knew they would need to move adoption to the forefront of
their plans. They began their journey into adoption with the foster care program. And that’s when they
realized how many needs there were. In 2013, they felt led to leave their very secure jobs and venture out in
the unknown, become missionaries, and be a part of the solution for foster care communities. So, that’s
exactly what they did. And what began as Hogue Ministries, is now evolving into a movement designed to
do more.

The Hogue Ministries Vision Dinner will be a place for the Hogue family and other community members to
celebrate the ways Hogue Ministries has enriched the local community, the impact it has made on the lives
of vulnerable, at-risk families, and the future it holds as an evolving movement. All proceeds collected from
the vision dinner will go directly towards the work and resources needed to fulfill the Hogue Ministries
mission of equipping and empowering foster families through wholehearted community support – because
when the family flourishes, the community flourishes.

“While the money raised from our Vision Dinner will go toward the movement, this dinner isn’t just about
the money. It’s about sharing the mission of this incredibly vital cause and celebrating the successes of
our community with our community,” said Stephen Hogue. “We are looking forward to a night of
entertainment, delicious food, and even a few surprises.”

Any adult interested in attending the Vision Dinner can purchase tickets at https://bit.ly/3n5khEz.
For more information about the event or the Hogue Ministries movement please contact Stephen Hogue through the contact form hoguecrew.org.